How to Be a Sugar Daddy: Qualities Sugar Babies Should Look For

How to Be a Sugar Daddy

What do sugar daddies do? Do you have what it takes to be one?

If you are interested to be a sugar daddy, this article will serve as your sugar daddy dating 101 tutorials.

You will learn how and where to find sugar babies. You will also learn about what qualities you should have to be a successful sugar daddy.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.


How to Become a Sugar Daddy

Sugar babies expect so much from a sugar daddy.

They want one who has a stable job with a huge salary, someone with a connection and a good companion.

Sugar baby dating or sugar daddy dating is not similar to prostitution, it has its own terms and arrangement that do not necessarily concentrate or include sex.

Here are the things that sugar daddies should do. If you want to become one, you should check out the following list.

Finding A Sugar Baby

You will only be a sugar daddy if you have a sugar baby.

So, you’ve got to start your journey by finding one.

You can actually go and look for someone at the bar or somewhere but starting with sugar dating apps or websites is the best option.

Well, for one, the sugar babies here are looking for someone like you – a sugar daddy. In the next section, I’ll give you an overview of where to find a sugar baby.

Build An Impressive Profile

Start by building an impressive profile.

You don’t necessarily need to add a picture or use your real name to keep your privacy.

However, make sure to put in the table the things that you can offer to attract sugar babies.

How much do you earn? Are you a millionaire? Do you need a companion for your business travel? What are you willing to give to have a pretty and sexy companion?

In addition, be straightforward when it comes to your expectations.

What do you want from a sugar baby? How do you want her to dress up or wear her makeup? Are you willing to pay for her salon sessions?

Flaunt Your Wealth

As mentioned, you can drop your jaw-dropping salary.

However, what makes sugar daddies more attractive to sugar babies is when they saw what you have especially the luxury items in your collection.

These may include your watch, car, shoes, suits, and anything of value.

You can also share a few photos of your travels, where you stay, what you eat and anything you do in those places you visited.

? Sugar babies are looking for sugar daddies who are rich and who can finance their wants, pay their bills, support their studies, shower them with gifts and surprise them with cool getaway trips.

Create A Mutually Beneficial Agreement

Once you find a sugar baby, you have to outline a specific and mutually beneficial agreement.

This should align with what you want and what the sugar baby needs.

The more specific the agreement, the easier it will be for both parties.

Here are some things that you should consider when you pen your agreement or contract.

  • What time of day will you meet up?
  • How many hours will you meet up?
  • Where exactly will you meet (hotel, restaurant, sugar baby’s place or sugar daddy’s place)?
  • Do you want to be alone or is fine to be seen in public?
  • What’s your typical date? (theater, lunch, dinner, travel, long walks, cocktail parties, movies)
  • When will you give the payment? (Weekly or monthly)
  • How long do you anticipate the relationship to last?
  • What do you consider a deal breaker? (Failure to make timely payments, a last-minute cancellation, the discovery that you’re not exclusively dating each other, or a request deemed too greedy)

Pamper Your Sugar Baby With Gifts And Surprises

Sugar daddies are generous this is the main reason sugar babies turn to them. In general, they pay for one’s time.

However, aside from that, a sugar daddy usually pampers his sugar babies with surprises and lavish gifts.

Among the things that sugar daddies shower their sugar babies are jewelry, clothes, shoes and bags.

In addition to these, you can surprise them with fancy dinner, tickets to their dream destination or extra allowance.

Mentor The Sugar Baby To Be Independent

When you join the sugar daddy dating world, you should know that not everyone is after the money.

There are sugar babies who want to be mentored.

These ladies are those who look up to you, who want to follow your success and who wish to be as fulfilled as you.

They want your connection and prefer to be introduced to the firm where they want to work or to the people who can help them further their career.

Sugar Daddy Attitude And Qualities

As mentioned above a sugar daddy is rich, affluent, and successful.

Typically, he has an expensive taste for many good things and is willing to pay whatever it takes to have what he wants.

However, aside from that, sugar daddies aren’t just wealthy and well-connected. They have certain qualities that make them even more attractive.

Here are he qualities that you should take note if you want to become a successful sugar daddy.


Sugar daddies are successful in their career and are knowledgeable on politics, law, corporate and business. He is also likely to have an acumen in business and stock trading. Intelligent men are more attractive.

Also, most sugar daddies are older than sugar daddies and have a lot to share in terms of their experience and expertise.


Sugar daddies are gentlemen with refined taste, exceptional experience, and abundant resources.

They are looking for someone to share their extraordinary lifestyle to create a meaningful relationship.

They respect sugar babies and treat them well. They pay for dates and are very courteous and polite.

Well Dressed

Sugar daddies usually have a high position in the corporate world or in their profession, so you will likely see them in business suits.

They own expensive shoes and watches because the people in their circle are as affluent and as successful as them.

Don’t expect them to be in a suit and tie all the time. Sometimes, they dressed casually, but they are always presentable and well-dressed because they are aware of the possibilities of meeting a business partner or colleague.


Sugar daddies appreciate the company of sugar babies so they shower them with gifts. They treat their sugar babies to fancy dinners, luxurious trips, and give them expensive presents.

These men have more than enough for themselves and are more than happy to share their resources to please their companion because they know that what they have is a mutual relationship.

Keeps Promises

Sugar daddies are easy to talk to and they do what they say. They don’t take advantage of sugar babies, instead, they serve as a good example.

If he tells a sugar baby that he will give her, her favorite bag on her birthday, he will do it.


Sugar daddies are honest, bold and frank. They will tell you if they are married, if they have kids and what they do.

They might not share the details of where they work to still keep their privacy but they are upfront.

They will tell you what they want and what they expect and you can rely on their words.

Easy To Communicate

Be comfortable when it comes to discussing the terms in your arrangement because sugar daddies are eager to listen and more likely willing to give in because they are generous.

So, don’t be afraid to tell him what you want and what you need.

Doesn’t Rush Sex

Sugar daddies know that they are paying their sugar babies for companionship and not sex.

It’s possible that their relationship will turn intimate, but they will definitely understand if their companion is not ready for sex especially on their first meeting. They don’t force one to engage in sex.

How To Get A Sugar Baby

For sugar daddies who have a sugar baby and wish to meet her but have a difficult time asking her out, this section is for you.

We will give you some tips to finally meet your baby.

This step is necessary to be sure that she’s not a catfish.

Be Playful

Be flirtatious and cheerful but in good nature. If you make her feel good, she will surely say “yes” to your invitation.

Ask her hobbies

Another great thing to have an awesome date is to tailor it around her hobbies. Ask her what she enjoys to do.

Does she play sports or does she enjoy mountain climbing? Once you know the activities she loves, do it with her.

Give Concert Tickets

Do you know her favorite artists? Or is there an upcoming concern that you two will probably love and enjoy?

Then, surprise her by giving her tickets to that concert. You should be able to know her favorite music from early exchanges in your messages.

When you do, make sure that you have enough time to hang out either before or after the event.

Make sure that it’s not just a fun date but an opportunity to get to know each other, too.

Make Her Plan Her Own Date

Ask her what’s her ideal date if money is not an issue. Ask the details, where will it be, what she and her date will do together.

Learn more about what topics she wants to talk about, and what are the things she wants to see at the venue. Let her share what’s the perfect date for her.

Then, make the reservations and schedule it. When everything is ready, tell her when and where to meet and she will surely love it.

Where to Find Sugar Babies

How to find a sugar baby? Where can you find a sugar baby? I often hear this question from sugar daddies and thankfully, there are a lot of ways to find one.

You can check out the different sugar daddy app, sugar daddy websites or sugar daddy sites.

These platforms are just similar to sugar baby dating sites or sugar baby app as it’s where you can meet your potential sugar babies.

If you are looking for the best sugar daddy and sugar baby dating apps and websites, this page is for you.

? Here’s an overview of the websites and apps that you should check out to start dating a sugar baby. You will find more in our homepage.


Sugar daddies are wealthy, successful, intelligent, fulfilled and have connections. Aside from that, they are gentlemen, generous, and very private. They know what sugar babies are for and respect them.

If you have everything we mentioned above, then you have what it takes to be a sugar daddy.

Check our homepage if you want learn the best sugar daddy websites or sugar daddy sites and sugar baby dating sites and start finding your sugar baby.


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