How to Find a Sugar Daddy Online, On Instagram And Craiglist

How to Find a Sugar Daddy Online

Finding a sugar daddy who is willing to spoil you can be challenging, but when you find one it’s very rewarding. In this article, you will learn how to get a sugar daddy.

Sugar dating is a fun and enjoyable activity. You will be paid for your presence and time. Aside from this, you will be spoiled with a romantic dinner, luxury getaways, expensive shoes, bags, and jewelry. When you know a sugar baby who enjoys these luxuries, you will surely be envious.

If you are new to sugar dating and you are hoping to find a sugar daddy, this page will be very helpful for you. So, let’s get started!


How to Find a Sugar Daddy Online

If you are always online and you wish to find a potential partner online, no problem. Here are some steps that you can do to find one soon.

#1 Know what you want

Before you find for a man who wants your company, it’s best if you examine yourself first.

What do you really want to find in a sugar daddy?

There are various types of men who are looking for sugar babies. You have to determine ahead who among them you want to spend time with.

  • Do you want someone under 40s or older?
  • Do you have an income requirement for your sugar daddy/
  • Are you willing to be with someone who is married or divorced?
  • Do you want someone who will spend a lot of time with your or just a man who whisks you away on weekends?
  • What do you want to receive from your sugar daddy?
  • Do you want a flat fee, a monthly allowance, or a present?
  • Are you willing to get intimate and have sex with him?
?Once you answer all these questions, it would be easier for you to decide if a potential sugar daddy is your type or not. So, at this early, you have to know what you want.

#2 Look for sugar daddies on the right platforms

Of course, you have to start your search for a sugar daddy and the best thing with this is that you can do so online.

There are a number of sugar daddy websites and sugar daddy apps that you can use.

?Most of these platforms are free for sugar babies. You just have to register and create a profile. Put on your best photos and add an interesting caption to make yourself more attractive to potential sugar daddies and start flirting and sending messages!

Check out our list of best sugar daddies website here

#3 Be persistent in your search

Once you have started joining sugar dating sites, you have higher chances of finding a sugar daddy.

However, don’t get your hopes too high because the whole experience might not be that easy.

Not all men on the sugar daddy websites are millionaires and sincere. There are also scammers.

Most importantly, there are salt daddies who have nothing to offer but only want to have sex with you. So, you should be very careful.

If you really want to find men who can pamper you with luxurious gifts, tour you around the world, bring you to expensive restaurants and provide you with a monthly allowance, you have to be persistent. Also, don’t let those wrong men turn you off.

There are wealthy and generous sugar daddies out there and you are bound to find one soon!

#4 Check the online dating sites frequently

Aside from being persistent, you also need to be online more frequently.

Your being persistent wouldn’t be complete if you don’t check your accounts on Seeking Arrangement, SecretBenefits, Sudy, Established Men or other dating websites where you have an account.

You will only miss the opportunity if someone replied to your message and you only got to read it after two months. Isn’t it too late?

?So, always make sure to check in on your accounts on the different sugar daddy websites. By doing this regularly, you won’t miss any opportunity in case a wealthy man finds your account interesting because you can reply to him within minutes or hours.

How to Find a Sugar Daddy on Instagram

If you can’t find a sugar daddy on sugar baby websites, you can try social media platforms like Instagram. In fact, this is a great outlet to enter the sugar bowl because there are more and more sugar daddies here.

Here are some things you can do to end up with a benefactor on Instagram.

#1 Add eye-catching and high-quality photos

Instagram is like a photo album online, so take advantage of this.

Show off your sexy figure, highlight your beautiful face and posts snaps that make you desirable in every angle. Make sure that your photos are high-quality.

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, a famous entrepreneur, successful businessmen are on Instagram too because there’s a lot of hot women there.

I love Instagram because it’s just like soft porn. I need it!” he said.

#2 Follow rich men

You need to have a huge following to be noticed. You can start by following other users and they might follow you back.

I suggest that you follow wealthy men.

When they notice you, they will likely check your profile and see your sexy photos. Remember, men are visual that’s why you have to make sure that your snaps will turn them on.

?Also, don’t forget to be classy in every shot because if you look trashy they might think that you’re a prostitute. So choose the photos you upload very well.

#3 Use the right hashtags

Take advantage of the power of hashtags. Instagram uses hashtags as its main search platform, so use one.

For instance, since you are looking for a sugar daddy you can use the following hashtags: “sugar baby,” “seeking sugar daddy,” “seeking arrangement,” “sugar daddy meet,” “sugar daddy” and anything else that can catch a potential sugar daddy’s attention.

#4 Send a direct message (DM)

If you’ve been waiting for too long to have a sugar daddy contact you, it’s time to do the first move.

Sugar daddies are very popular, so they are not hard to find on Instagram.

In fact, other sugar babies might be doing this already. So, you have to be proactive, too.

How to message a sugar daddy?

You can invite him to a party. Send him a message like “I’m going to have a party this weekend. You should come.” Yes, right it that way, you should not ask him. Eliminate the question like “Would you like to come?” In this way, you are sure that he would come, so what he only needs to think is if he has time to attend.

?So, if you have the looks and the body figure, take your sugar baby game up to Instagram.

How to Find a Sugar Daddy on Craiglist

Craigslist is another platform that you can use to find a sugar daddy. In fact, a number of sugar babies are already using this to find one.

If you are interested in using Craiglist, here’s how you can use this:

#1 Be creative in posting an ad

Post as if you are looking for someone to fill a job. You have to be creative for this because you can’t just write “I”m a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy.

When you do, the site will only remove it.

The recommended way to do this is to write something like this: “I’m a university student, female, and looking for a genuine connection with a gentleman who can help me with finances while I’m at the university.

This statement is clear. First, it speaks of youth, beauty, and intelligence. Second, it also shows that you’re ambitious and has a personal dream. Lastly, the sugar daddy knows what you want from him – financial support for your studies.

#2 Be specific on what you can offer.

It’s given that you have to give them something for the monetary aid that they will be offering you. So, describe yourself vividly.

Don’t sugar coat your description. Write something like this: “I’m 22 years old, tall and slim.I’m taking Business Management at the ABC University. I have brown eyes and blonde hair.

?If you are a woman of color you can write something: “I have a natural tan with penetrating eyes and long black hair.” By writing this way, your ad will be noticeable. Sugar daddies can’t ignore this.

#3 Be Safe.

The site has a page dedicated to helping you avoid scams. Take the time to read it carefully before posting your first ad.

Also, additional tip, only meet a potential sugar daddy in a public place like a cafe or park where there are people around. In addition, ask for his photo first, so you know who to expect.

Additional Sugar Baby Tips To Find a Sugar Daddy

If you have no luck finding a sugar daddy online, try to incorporate these things in your lifestyle. Sugar daddies are not limited on sugar babies sites, sugar daddies app, or Instagram.  Try these additional tips and you will surely soon find one.

#1 Go to places where you can find wealthy gentlemen

If you’re too shy to go online and share your photos for potential sugar daddies, your other option is to go to places where your target men, usually spend their free time.

This is also a great option if you have no success hooking up with a sugar daddy online.

For this, you can go to a bar or restaurant where businessmen spend their time after office hours. Among the places you should frequent are museums, opera houses, and art galleries.

?You can also take your girlfriends if you need a backup. Whenever you do, dress up but not too provocatively. Just make sure that you are in your best look to get the attention of a future sugar daddy.

#2 Be attentive to your looks

All of the sugar daddies look at their sugar babiesbeauty and elegance. In fact, if you visit most of the sugar dating apps, they all require that the members have a pleasing personality.

We know that aside from this, they require certain beauty standards.

In general, sugar babies are appealing. They are drop dead gorgeous and a number are even models and actresses. Your look is your asset, so you should invest in it.

Make yourself attractive and presentable. Please take note that you don’t have to look like a porn star because most sugar daddies prefer a natural look.

But be sure to consider your grooming. It’s given that sugar babies want to be pampered at salons and spas. In fact, sugar daddies are willing to pay for your haircut, manicure, pedicure and more!

?Also, take care of your weight. You have to be sexy, to appeal to the sugar daddies. Otherwise, they might find you unattractive.

#3 Play Mysterious

You have to add something mysterious in your aura to hook a potential sugar daddy.

Let him wonder what you are up to when you are not with him. Don’t care to explain because you are just living your own life.

You can do this by not giving him your schedule. Don’t be available for him all the time. Just meet him a couple of times per week.

Also, don’t tell him so much about every little thing you do. You can reveal a little thing about yourself, but do not go into details. When you share something, always leave him wanting more.

When there’s something in you that interests him, he will likely schedule more meetups with you and this would mean that you will be paid every meeting. Who knows he might eventually offer you a monthly allowance?

#4 Make your persona more interesting

Sugar babies are expected to be happy, attractive, sexy and fun.

If you are just at home, text him photos of pompous parties stolen from Instagram, this will give him the impression of the type of life you enjoy.

If he is really into you, he already knows the kind of lifestyle he will provide you.

#5 Be Sexy

Sugar daddies love sexy women to fulfill their needs. So, make sure to look and act sexy all the time. Yes, you can do this.

Try to look sexy by wearing sexy clothes, wear makeup to create smoky eyes and rock some sexy lingerie in the bedroom.

You don’t need to wear a provocative dress to get his attention. Just wear something that compliments your figure and he will surely love it.

You can also act sexy by being flirty. Touch your sugar daddy to turn him on, lick your lips while you stare at him, send him sexy texts or talk dirty while over the phone.

?It helps if you have some sexual experience because sugar daddies want their sugar babies to be comfortable in the bedroom.

#6 Be positive and fun

Sugar babies are sociable, so make sure that a potential sugar daddy will have a good time with you. In most cases, the two of you won’t immediately head off to bed.

You will have dinner first, converse and take it from there whether you meet again or end up having sex.

So, always carry a positive aura. A number of sugar daddies want a fun and cheerful companion, so be one all the time.

Make sure to keep yourself from negativity. Never whine or complain.

A sugar daddy needs someone to listen to him and make him feel better, so don’t dump your emotional baggage to him.

Here are some tips to pull this off.

  • Whenever you catch yourself saying something negative, counter it with three positive comments.
  • Laugh as much as you can because this releases endorphins that will make you feel good.
  • If you are having an emotional day, don’t force yourself to meet your sugar daddy. Call a good friend instead and pour your heart out to her.

#7 Keep things exciting

If you want to keep a sugar daddy, make sure to keep things fresh. Mix up your activities so that both of you can enjoy new adventures together.

For instance, aside from going on romantic dinner dates, try to ask him to take you boating or spend a weekend break on a yacht.

You can go fishing, play tennis or badminton, enroll in anything you are both interested. This is a great way to bond.

Also, don’t limit the excitement to your daily activities, take it to the bedroom.

?Whenever you get intimate, try your new moves and convince him that he has no reasons to get bored with you.

#8 Avoid domesticity

Sugar daddies build relationships with sugar babies because they want something fun, exciting and adventurous.

They are not expecting you to prepare home-cooked meals for them, to iron their shirt or serve them. Instead, they want to pamper you with their wealth and just keep you as you are – like a trophy girlfriend.

However, don’t act like you are his actual girlfriend. Don’t forget your arrangement or else he might avoid you. Here are some tips to not scare a potential sugar daddy.

  • Don’t get too close to him emotionally. Don’t be clingy. If you sense that he’s being uncomfortable, learn to pull back.
  • Don’t call him your boyfriend because you don’t have that type of relationship.
  • Don’t joke about weddings or mention about marriage because that’s basically not their thing.
  • Do not put pressure on him by introducing him to your family and friends, of course, unless he wants it, too. Otherwise, things might be too serious for him and he might withdraw.

#9 Be Independent

Sugar babies are strong, classy and independent in their own way. You can’t be easily tamed because you know what you want which makes you more attractive to potential sugar daddies.

Sugar daddies want sugardaters who are fun and exciting and they understand if you have your own life to live.

If you are very clingy and after your schedule, he might be turned off. So, play cool and independent.

So, here are some things you can do to show your independence.

  • Only meet with a sugar daddy two or three times a week. If you try to see him more often than this, it might appear to him that you are already getting attached to him.
  • Avoid sleeping over too much if you can. If you start sleeping over at his place, make sure that you don’t overdo it. Otherwise, it might appear to him that you want to move in with him.
  • Don’t talk about your future together unless it’s about a future trip that you are going to enjoy together.
  • Be open. You can share with him if you are going out with someone else. This will only make you look more independent.

#10 Be a beast in the bed

Once you find a potential sugar daddy and you end up both in the bedroom, make sure to give your best performance.

Don’t spoil the fun by not meeting his expectations. In fact, exceed it.

A number of sugar daddies usually resort to sugar dating for sex.

I wouldn’t say all of them do, but most are expecting this sort of fun. So, if you have the chance, give it your best shot.

#11 Sleep with every man

If you are desperate in getting a sugar daddy, your last option is to get to bed with every man you know.

Yes, I’m not kidding. Who knows one of them is a sugar daddy? Take every chance you have to be with a potential sugar daddy.

This is your only way to finally found someone who can give you the lifestyle you want.


Getting a sugar daddy isn’t easy. You need to be good looking and sexy. You have to be fun, adventurous and interesting. In addition, you’ve got to be persistent in finding one.

Being in a sugar relationship is not for everyone. But, if you want this job and you find the right sugar daddy, you’ll definitely live your dream life.

If you are determined to be in a sugar daddy relationship, you can start your search in these websites