Male Sugar Baby – Is It Possible For Young Men To Meet Rich Older Women

Male Sugar Baby

You’ve probably thought of the typical young girl with a rich old man. While that seems to be a popular arrangement, not all Sugar Babies are women.

Sugar dating is a rising dating phenomenon, as you can now notice young men moving from traditional relationships, into arrangements with wealthy older women.

?As you can see, young ladies aren’t the only ones who deserve to be spoiled, what about the Male Sugar Babies?

So, you might be wondering, is this really possible? Why would rich women even want to pay to be with a man? Tradition positions men to be the providers, while the ladies are served and treated like queens. Well, times have changed!

Read on to learn if you wish to be a male sugar baby yourself.

What Is Male Sugar Baby Called

The male version of sugar baby are 20+-year-old boys who go out with female “sugar mama”, that’s 20 years his senior, almost good enough to be a mother. Yes, it’s a less common pairing.

The male sugar baby meaning you probably wondering isn’t what you think since terms and arrangements can vary.

?But the prospect of dating a wealthy, mom-type figure is somewhat the fantasy of most young boys growing up. However, the arrangement with sugar momma is something different. Given the reins and having vulnerability as a young dude filled with machismo is somehow, beyond the category of MILF. There’s a full commitment to an upgraded lifestyle and on the way of the relationship is treated. This is an experiment that you needed to try for yourself to know if it lived to the hype.

Most young male sugar baby grew up poor and comes from a smaller, less well-to-do places, with most feeling tired of living the frugal student or work life. It can start with a friend introducing young lads to the idea of sugar dating, getting curious and quickly signing up to sugar mommy sites.

My Experience As A Male Sugar Baby

It’s common to envy friends living a luxury life from substantial income from their family. From my experience, I needed to save every money in the budget and just could not keep up every single day. I didn’t feel relaxed anymore with this kind of lifestyle, after learning of the life of male sugar baby, it’s time for me try it out.

In the beginning, I never read about it and thought it was like an escort service, therefore, I was really resistant. I didn’t like it significantly, but these days I look at it as a way to improve my life and never have to worry about cash.

After signing up to a sugar momma dating site, I was astounded by the number of rich older ladies seeking boy toys. Instantly, everything got a very genuine turn and I realized that it absolutely was really feasible to find my own sugar mama to support me.

It’s not commonly heard, but it’s less bad as most people believe. I’m not selling my body for 300 dollars for an hour. I’m not giving something that hurt the other party for a price, as stereotype some folks have.

If I desired to introduce my sugar momma to my friends, I would do it personally if the judgment wasn’t there. When I explain to others that I’m a male sugar baby, many people still believe otherwise. And this requires such quite a long time to explain.

This is a partnership, a relationship, not about giving services for some dollars, that is my message.

?The financial incentive is definitely a help for me. I have probably got around $30,000, which I can use. Also, I do like the sugar momma. Naturally, she’s paying for my flat and my gym registration, and I have genuinely had a fun time with this lady and I really like her. I think through that taking the monetary gain would nonetheless let me want to see her longer. But I do not know how that emotion or feeling would change if there was no financial factor on it.

If you were to start to do another arrangement, I’ll probably ask for a travel getaway more. I might put that into the conditions, though it can be difficult to find someone who has some time to take the trip and then give you cash to pay for it. I would consider less payment for my place in order to go on vacation more. It is always a good time, and I would want traveling to Barcelona, Tokyo, Seoul, France, Athens.

Some see this proceeding somewhere more long-term, but I certainly am going to look at it as simply a hookup. I do not think I would personally say it’s a full-blown romantic relationship, because of the terms and arrangement involve.

Do I sleep with her? Of course, I slept with her, I felt just a little different, the good news is I do not feel strange about it in any way.

Male Sugar Baby Tips

So if you want to date a wealthy woman, no matter if she’s a significantly older lady, then you’re likely to need to the following tips for male sugar babies. Just what do you have to do in order to succeed with a sugar momma?

Forget stereotypes. As a fact, neglect them totally. If you are interested in sugar momma dating, you need to take care of her just like a man taking care of the girl in your age.

Determine woman’s age. It really is generally accepted that the sugar momma’s age group is around 40 years above, but some believe that the age of 30+ can also be acceptable and you can find some in that range.

Watch your ego. You’ll often find men who would feel that having a wealthy older woman to pay for almost everything would be precisely what they could actually dream. This independence can scare some young guys, however. If you’re dating a rich cougar, you might wonder why she’s going with you. After all, a wealthy older female is used to her freedom and independence. Don’t get hung high on where you lacking, but embrace she likes you. You also need to be aware that she actually is a strong, unbiased woman, be sure to check your inherent strong dominance.

Be prepared for the lifestyle change. While anybody dating somebody who is better than they are would have expectations, often the large number may be shocking. Possibly the wealthy cougar you’re dating has traveled around the world, maybe she holds several degrees and it is incredibly rich, but most probably she loves to enjoy the better things in life.

?Just be ready for these lifestyle change between both you and your sugar momma and accept that she’s bringing you to new places and experiences. Learn to hold your very own in these new situations. Keep a wide open mind and explore her world that she lives.

Don’t think she’s a prize. It goes for all dating girls and then treats their girlfriend just like a trophy. While you might want your sugar momma to feel as if she’s your trophy in private, in public she is a woman. If you’re dating a wealthy woman, be as interested in what your friends say in regards to the woman you’re dating rather than what you’re she has to say.

Give something in exchange. If you’re looking for a sugar momma thinking she’ll be taking care of your needs, the most important thing to remember is that you need to give something in return. It may sound simple, there are a few guys who think that they should put in effort or time to know their sugar momma. She isn’t likely to support you if you don’t care for her.

Know the boundaries. This is not your regular romantic relationship. With a sugar momma, it is more of an arrangement. Which means that she’s the individual who sets the guidelines and that if you wish to stay in the arrangement, you need to adhere to them. If you’re set to think as dominant and in charge of the relationship, just look elsewhere.

Sugar mommas don’t feel that they can be bossed by a younger man. If you are fortunate enough to find yourself with a sugar momma, treat her like the goddess she is, ensure that you’re keeping her happy. Being a male sugar baby need you to see how you can love and deeply care for her.

How To Become A Male Sugar Baby

After going through some stories, you might be asking how to be a male sugar baby.

You’re not going to get a sugar momma just magically get you. To become a male sugar baby, make the time to research. This isn’t a movie love story, you also need to do some study and put some work. You can learn from real life experiences from blogs and discussion forums like Reddit.

However, perhaps the most important step you should take is to join a site which is explicitly for male sugar baby and sugar momma relationship.

Also, join other popular dating sites and then give a subtle description that you’re looking for “mature women who enjoy young men”. A friend of mine became a male sugar baby using this technique had a substantial amount of success in dating sites.

The world of online dating is rapidly improving and there a number of sites dedicated to pairing low-income members with affluent clientele. Research the dating sites thoroughly to recognize the features and services that meet your needs. Sign up for the dating site for a quick trial period before paying the fees.

?Don’t forget to be charming, mature, and adult in your actions. Also, realize how to please a woman sexually. Do not fake the interest, since most older woman can detect if you’re just faking it.

Be sure to groom your self and be attractive to your sugar momma. You definitely need to know how to maintain a conversation with women. Read about some books on relationships and stories of other male sugar babies to get some advice on how to act appropriately.

Figuring out how to date a wealthy woman takes some learning. Rich ladies are generally wise, attractive, assertive, and independent. Obviously, they’re also fairly challenging to be with. So, if you want to learn to meet a sugar momma, you’ll have to put some time, energy, and even some money to meet them.

Male Sugar Baby Profile Example

Most of the inquiries I often get is on how to create a male sugar baby bio. Here’s an example of a sugar mommy dating site male profile.

“21-year-old handsome guy, going to university and working in the bar. I’m a pretty open-minded and I’m ready for just about anything. I’m 5 ft. 10, well built, and toned. I have a good physical appearance but my financial standing is terrible. I’m looking for casual dating because I also like to learn. Don’t expect anything long-term and permanent, but not a one-day affair. I can be with you for the next few months or year. I’ll provide companionship, love, care, adoration, and pleasure as you need it. More importantly, I’ll be there if you feel alone.

Go ahead and open the account and left it open to the public.

Male Sugar Baby Success Stories

Since experiences of sugar dating is on the rise, I also decided to get in touch with some male sugar babies to know their own stories.

John, 23 years old.

So, what’s your arrangement with Marie, your sugar mama?

My story is different from other sugar baby stories you read in news. It’s now been seven months we’ve been together. We don’t provide an exclusive partnership.

Of course, sex is part of the relationship but it’s not the main drive like every sort of relationship. We hang out with each other, we go on vacation – we’ve been to Copenhagen, Brussels, United Kingdom. The good thing about this is the connection for me, as it helps me have an increased standard of life than other guys.

?It’s not actually about dollars and so on, but about experiencing life. Going to dining and expensive hotels on weekends. It brings me those additional pleasures in life. These are a few things I couldn’t afford to pay for being a college student because things are so expensive.

We see each other a couple of times a week. Marie is head of the company so she travels a lot and it has a busy life.

Older men want to wed, have kids and build a reliable relationship which is just not the one thing a student like me wants to do. So that’s why she’s with me. And for me, it’s for that luxury in my life.

We don’t have guidelines but often I don’t feel like I actually have the power to say no when she asks ‘Hey, let’s meet on Saturday’ since obviously, she is the person who has power from the relationship.

Alex, 22 years old.

I heard some classmates speaking about it and so I was wondering to figure out what it really was. After I browse on some sites and read some posts, I signed up to see if I’d want it.

I moved into this relationship understanding that I only wanted a short-term arrangement, but when I sensed a further connection I would personally pursue a lengthier relationship.

Even though her money status was appealing to me from a student’s perspective, I liked her as she is. I just like a woman who was just a little older, smarter, and fully mature than me.

?I think others believe that Male Sugar Babies are lazy, and that’s not true. I have been able to understand from others that they meet Sugar Mommas to help them in starting businesses or get ahead of careers. They take the gifts, and that is not wrong. People also think Sugaring is escorting which is not true. Sugar Babies are rewarded for time and companionship. Sometimes relationships involve money and sex, which are simply elements of your relationship.

I just deemed her money an added bonus toward the great woman that she is. I was happy with her successes to share her wealth. Most of my friends are oblivious that I take part in the Sugar Baby lifestyle but those that do believe I found an excellent match were happy for me.

I don’t take into account myself as a gold digger since I wanted to discover something besides the relationships that form among people beyond my age. It really took place that she got more of an economic advantage than I did.

Bryan, 26 years old.

I don’t get on with girls my age. I love to have chats that go much deeper with the women I have dated within my age group, but they are usually looking at their phones, and they’re not as intellectual in conversations.

I seriously wanted to listen and I was not sure at the beginning what the Sugar Mammas’ expectations can be. I did not know if I’d connect with her right away.

?The appeal for being a part of her extravagant life was eye-catching. I mean who wouldn’t believe that sounds like entertaining? But in knowing her, I started to be attracted to her. She was unlike some of the other girls I had dated. She was composed and neat. Her hair was always carried out, and so we’re actually her fingernails and toenails. She dressed really well. I had in no way dated anyone that put so much effort into her look.

I used to be never afraid of her giving me cash. The way of life, though took some getting used to. I wasn’t positive how to take action sometimes when we participate in high-end occasions at first.

I had been with her at auctions and wine tasting, so I considered my these wonderful experiences helpful when I accompany her.

My friends don’t know and I maintain all of my relationships private, and that was no different. I didn’t want to share my own life with my family either.

You can talk about payment, or perhaps allowance, after several weeks of dating. It’s common to get allowance almost every other week. It’s best to not feel what your sugar momma as a payment. In other cases, you need not implicitly ask about the allowance, but wait for her offer. Transaction need not be definitely determined.

I never imagined of personally as a gold digger, due to the fact I was not only after her money. I enjoyed her company foremost.

Male Sugar Baby Websites

For male sugar baby seeking sugar momma, here are the best sites you can join. Be sure to check them out and try each one to see which one works for you.

#1 Seeking Arrangement Sugar Momma

Best Online Dating Site for Successful & Attractive People!

One of the best rich women looking for young men site in the world. They have been helping rich females in dating men, a dating service that’s been on more than 10 years.

They more than two million single members. They know that sugar mommas are exactly the same as regular women and want to find actual love.

If you are a man wish to date a wealthy woman, this is basically the best place to get online dating!

Wealthy women looking for men who are good-looking, young is here. Naturally, most of rich older ladies find more young guys for romance and relationship. Dating a wealthy woman can be a lot of fun by joining the site. There are several rich ladies looking for men to date and have already had a great time with.

#2 Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match definitely the first, most beneficial and biggest site on the planet to connect with, date, beautiful, wealthy women with younger men. Voted “Best of the Web” by

The site shows the ‘millionaires’ in its listings. This is the biggest and most efficient site to connect with, date, and get married successful and attractive men and women.

It has around 2,000,000 participants, include CEOs, pro sports athletes, doctors, attorneys, investors, business people, beauty queens, fitness gurus, designers and Hollywood celebrities, just to name a few.

All single women and men are welcome here. Whether you’re a huge success or simply considering meeting other eligible and successful individuals, you can join.

#3 Older Women Dating

Older Women Dating is another good choice to connect cougar ladies with more youthful men. This website is sort of a paradise for all of the women on the market, most of the members on this website are young, dashing, hot men that are dying to hook-up with wealthy, appealing and sexy cougars.

This website has a lengthy history of good results with online dating, it is absolutely no-strings-attached in relationships and thus its used by most sugar mommas who intend to attract youthful men for some pleasurable activity.

They have solid privacy protections in place, and it is easy to understand the platform. The regular membership is very cost-effective, which makes this dating site the best for older women to meet younger men.

#4 Cougar Life

Cougar Life is one of the popular online dating sites that aims to help cougar ladies date younger men. The place is for older women in the online dating scene, to meet attractive boyfriends.

There are a lot of younger men meeting older ladies from around the world and they come to this website to find companionship, fun, and love.

One particular unique characteristic of this website is “Find a Date Tonight.” If you are a lonely woman, this can help you connect with a man who’s trying to find a partner. If you are interested in dating youthful men or old women, it can be worth to a shot.

#5 Rich Meet Beautiful

Rich Meet Beautiful has formally been launched and quickly got the attention of male sugar babies. The website helps rich ladies who are looking for men.

If you’re a young attractive stud, you can meet up with rich females. Thus enabling you to connect with one another and begin a relationship.

Even though online dating continues to grow in advances over the years, the millionaire dating section has basically witnessed its own growth. Furthermore, the power of this dating website has been confined to countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.


If there’s anything you can learn about male sugar baby experience, it’s that dating people older than you is a delicate balance. It can be challenging, exciting and somehow uncomfortable.

?While it could be awesome to have expensive dinners paid for you by a sugar momma, with someone to lead you around, and to have sex as a bonus, it’s up to you how to fully soak into the concept that affluent older women would be providing for your needs and luxury.

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