How To Get A Sugar Daddy To Give You Money – Tips on Asking Allowance, Payment Methods, Safety

How To Get A Sugar Daddy To Give You Money

For new sugar babies, you may already be thinking on how to get sugar daddies to give you money and showering you with luxuries, gifts, and splurges.

?Though, you should be glad to know that sugar daddies feel good and generous to provide a glamorous lifestyle to the sugar babies they choose.

Still, most sugar babies feel awkward and shy to ask, often times don’t want to appear materialistic and dependent on men they meet when it comes to directly ask for money.

Well, I’ve gathered all the information that you may need to know in terms of financial matters in a sugar life. I’ve provided tips to quickly help you get the allowance you need, including other nuances, involve in your hustle on sugar dating.

Should I Ask My Sugar Daddy for Money?

Well the quick answer, yes!

Asking about money from a sugar daddy can be so downright awkward, that you may find difficult to open up in a conversation. You may already be wondering if you should ask sugar daddy for money and should you do it online, phone, chat, text, first date, etc.

?Actually, you can do it in some way without the need to ask directly. You should start talking to your sugar daddy in ways that he’ll understand that he needs to send some money. You already know that this is not the usual dating that leads to a causal relationship. So, if you don’t open up with your sugar daddy about the monetary part, he’ll most likely ignore the financial aspect thinking that’s not your priority and your in for regular dating. Chances are you might not get what you want from sugar dating.

Remember that feeling you sometimes get when you ask for what you want from someone. You may be feeling afraid to initiate the topic.

When you feel you’re not happy and he’s getting serious to have a relationship, don’t be afraid to mention about the allowance involve. It’s crucial that your time with your sugar daddy should include talking about your objective in sugaring. Remember that the goal of meeting a sugar daddy is to get cash and that you’re getting what you want.

Asking money from your sugar daddy may sound embarrassing, but it doesn’t have to be neglected, for you might waste precious time and opportunities in meeting others.

Discussing Allowance With Sugar Daddy

The secret to getting the allowance you need and pretty much anything that you want, while not feeling awkward is to have some types of tactics. They’re essential as the way you’ll approach the topic in asking for money.

One of the best methods you can use is to casually ask his advice even, on some financial matter, even if you don’t necessarily need it. It’s some sort of giving him little hints that you need an allowance.

?Your main objective is to ask for his advice on some steps you need to do so you can be financially stable. You ask a simple question like ‘How to transfer money in PayPal?’ etc.

Of course, you should already know the ins and outs of receiving an allowance from sugar dating (you can learn it from the rest of this article)

You can likewise discuss the goals you want to accomplish, the lifestyle you expect to experience with him, your dreams. This should start opening him up on the allowance part without any embarrassment or awkwardness. Be creative to get him to discuss your allowance so you’ll already be starting to get some money for sugaring.

Reasonable Money to Ask From Sugar Daddy

The most common questions of a new sugar baby are ‘how much should I charge my sugar daddy?’ The allowances for sugar babies often wonder if there’s a fair amount to expect.

What’s the Average Amount – The typical Sugar Baby allowance ranges from $1,000 – $3,000, but could still differ depending on expectation, and the sugar baby’s cost of living. Naturally, the places with the greater cost of living demand higher allowances. It would take more to live in New York City, as compared to Kansas.

So How Much Do I Ask For – The parameters are based on the circumstances, persons involved, connection, needs, and generosity of the Sugar Daddy. It doesn’t specifically correlate with the net worth of the guy, as his worth can be related to fix assets. A manager listing worth of $500,000 could be more liquid than a real estate broker worth over $1 million. There’s a difference from a single man making $300,000 that has more disposable income without dependents, while a divorced man that earn $500,000 could be paying to support his children. Asking for your allowance will depend on what he could afford, and what he’s willing to give. Which you cannot know from exchanging a couple of messages.

How Much Am I Worth – Would you get an increased allowance if you’re a virgin, younger such as 18 or 19? Money can never determine your own-worthiness. Ideally, you need to ask for an allowance that can help you achieve your own Sugar Baby goals. If you require $5,000 a month and you decide it’s your minimum for a special arrangement, demand it. When you only require $1,000, then ask that.

What to Expect – Many men earn a lot and work on big companies, but lacking significantly in other aspects in their life. Whether he misses relationship because of work, or there’s too little passion in the married life. Even well-paid men can’t support their lifestyle and separate one for SB. Most offers consist of a partial help on needs. Do not anticipate your allowance to be the jackpot, and you expect to stop working.

Be grateful – Be appreciative of what your sugar daddy would share with you. When he’s able to give you a $2,000 monthly allowance and you have wonderful rapport along with a fun time with him, take it. A decent and sugary allowance makes it worthwhile. If one more SD gives you a $3,000 allowance a month but you need to fake it to make it work, the stress will wear you. A real Sugar Daddy will want to give something worthwhile to the Sugar Baby he chooses, even though he can’t afford the set amount. You may want to appreciate what you receive and

How Much Amount Should I Set?

Most new sugar babies get confused on how to set the amount. Some may desire a sugar daddy to give a monthly allowance of no less than $3K but would love to get additional or some more extra.

In sugar daddy dating sites, your profile would allow you to determine what to put as “expectation.” But, there’s an option if you don’t wish to put the insufficient or excessive amount. You can set it as ‘negotiable’. Though some problems may arise, as they would give way too little. Ao, how do you set the right amount?”

Here are the usual options:

Negotiable: Open negotiable to any amount
Minimal: $1,000 monthly
Practical: $3,000 monthly
Moderate: $5,000 monthly
Substantial: $10,000 monthly
High: Above $10,000 monthly

Many sugar babies choose the “Negotiable” option since it is the easiest. You figure that it will give a wide range of sugar daddies the bonus to contact you, so that’s more prospective sugar daddies to pick from!

Once you have met with a sugar daddy or two – you should able to negotiate the exact price you want. And that’s bit true – setting your allowance expectations as “Negotiable” does result to curiosity.

You see, you are not seeking to open up to each and every possible sugar daddy out there. You are trying to find a sugar daddy who’s ready and able to provide you with the allowance you need.

Your time has limitations and it ought to be spent going after the sugar daddies who will be able to afford to pay for you firsthand.

?So don’t set the “Negotiable” and instead, set your desired allowance as you more than what you want. You say you need an allowance of at the very least $2K, so set to “Moderate” (approximately $3,000 month-to-month) as you want to get.

That way, you are not constraining yourself to $2K while cutting off potential sugar daddies who can offer an allowance of say, $3K from contacting you.

Another reason the “Negotiable” will not be a good option is the fact that most sugar babies are seriously not comfortable talking about cash. If you are a sugar baby who’s mastered negotiation and can talk with a sugar daddy – “Negotiable” might work to be okay. But if the considered allowance using a relatively unknown guy makes you squirm uncomfortably – it’s better to express a clear picture of what you want.

How to Ask Him For More Gifts

So, you’ve tried giving little hints on money allowance, but you need something more to tell your sugar daddy. There are other methods for getting extra luxuries. After all, it’s about the best way you nudge him for the more gift items.

Men in sugar daddy sites are satisfied to provide for their sugar babies and they know they are supposed to. If dating sugar daddies are your main means of cash flow, here are other suggestions, some mind games to help you with getting more from the sugar relationship.

Learn about cars – Get interested in cars, find out how to talk about automobiles, the newest versions. The purpose, of course, is to let him buy you a new car. Have a few car magazines spread out on the dinner table when he shows up. Start asking him for tips on financing a lease. Also, learn some car jokes. If he has a car, ask if you can drive it. Keep this up and you’ll be driving your very own soon.

Learn a course – Knowledge is power, so why not learn a short course. Show fascination with some course or seminar, like yoga, fitness, massage, music, writing, arts, web development, financial course, etc. Browse through some online course and see what you like. You would like to get him to pay you for the study course. Talk about it with desire, mention that you want to be excellent at it. If he points to a free course, say you didn’t understand the free one and the paid course could be more helpful. You can do the same technique and ask him to buy you some books.

Get a new wardrobe – Ask him to buy a new dress and clothes, saying you’ll look better when you’re with him. Most wealthy men are mostly vain and they like their partner to be as beautiful as they could be. So play this tactic, but be sure to discuss how great the other couples on your date. You would like to get him to look at other wealthy couples the other man and then start showering you with expensive gift ideas you can wear.

?You can be creative in other things you like, but the main thing is to genuinely show him that mindful and enthusiastic on a specific goal you want, without being too direct, which at times can turn him off. Set the situation for him to spend or buy you stuff, of his own. This could even make him think he’s not doing his part as a sugar daddy. This is also a great way to know if he’s worth pursuing.

Pay Per Date Or Regular Allowance

If there’s one important thing all sugar babies can agree on, sugar lifestyle is great. But if you get into the details, opinions diverge.

And we are not just speaking about the different methods for you to receive your allowance, but the regularity. As you may know already, the most popular methods of daddies to pay for you is ‘Allowance’. It could be monthly, bi-weekly, etc. Also, some get their money, as ‘Pay Per Date’.

On the surface, the only real difference between both the payment kind seems to be the regularity. But if you look further, you find that there is a lot more. So let us break every one of these down and take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the two so you can pick the best one for you!

Pay Per Date

This means just what the title is – you will get paid each time you go over a date with him. So normally, you’ll recognize in advance in the amount along with how often you will be viewing each other. And after that every time you meet up, you get some sugar!

You get paid straight away. The date stops, he gets you the funds and you are on your way. There’s a small risk. If he determines to go away, he does not owe you any dues.

It has less difficult negotiation and simpler to ask for a raise. Generally, PPD can be a lower, so it is easier to work out some numbers and it’s understandable to inquire more, let’s say for expenses or rent payments that are coming.

?Daddies enjoy this payment and it saves them money and it’s a lesser headache. You also get far more free time. You will have more time for yourself if he’s paying out to see you every time, more than likely he will never ask to see you every evening or almost every other night. This can be once every single week or as soon as every other week.

But it’s its not all roses and sugar, as it has some drawbacks as well. Like I previously mentioned, it will probably be a reduced amount, even if you make it clear of your budget every month, daddies do not wish to fork around that much for seeing you one time.

It can be irregular. Consistent funds are not confirmed, maybe you have a budget that if you do PPD once a week it will be enough cash for you, but plans will invariably fall. Some daddies can get busy and may even not be able to see you every week, and so the money may not be identical from what you obtain next month.

With a PPD, it offers him far more freedom and also allows him, if he desired, go short-term or leave, maybe if being a sugar daddy isn’t his thing any longer.

Overall, the key perk of Pay Per Date is its simplicity. You are guaranteed to get sugar each and every time you meet up with your sugar daddy. It is easy to stop as well, simply because it doesn’t call for a large investment or long agreements. And because of this, it reduces the entry, and you’re likely to get more sugar daddies who are prepared just for this.

That makes it a fairly sweet settlement option when you’re started sugaring and want some sugar quick and easy. The down-side, of course, is it doesn’t bring much money or commitment – which can entice short-term, bargain-seeking sugar daddies. That is less the situation when it comes to ‘Allowance’ set up.

Regular Allowance

For many ladies, this is basically the holy grail of interactions. And it is no wonder why. An allowance is recognized upon as regular cash like every week, bi-weekly or monthly for the entire length of your set up. Kind of like a job, but fun.

It is like an income, you spend time and have fun for any living and you also get an amount at the end of a set period.

?You’ll be able to receive a bigger money amount too. Like I mentioned, an allowance is a thing you two concur with a setup amount. This may be somewhere close to thousands or more depending on how generous he is.

On the top the allowance there may be some unplanned additional bonuses, like he could ask you to go on a holiday or business travel and request you to come along, on top of monthly allowance you also get.

Most sugar daddies who offer a bi-every week or regular monthly allowance are not looking for a quick fix – they usually want to stick for some time. As such, they will be more dedicated to you, your lifestyle and your objectives. But of course, as great at Allowance arrangements are – they likewise have their cons.

It may be overwhelming on asking for this sort of big sum. Some men can be turned off by these huge amounts ask for. So it’s simple to comprehend it can be frightening asking for a major amount.

There’s also additional time. Remember that you agreed with an amount you will get to get a set time, not getting paid for each time you see him.

Due to the fact he’s spending you a one-time payment, he could ask for much more companionship, for instance maybe he wants to be the text you often, phone calls from time to time. One week he could be seeking to see you, then a second time and then after that week he would like to see you 6 times. Remember you’ll get paid exactly the same no matter how enough time you spend with him.

Overall, whenever you can score a trusted Allowance Sugar Daddy, it is pretty decent. There’s no reason to arrange many dates with several sugar daddies – you merely focus on one and the sugar will keep rolling on a steady basis.

Methods of Receiving Your Sugar Baby Allowance

You know what you need. And you have finally obtained it – a sugar daddy and an allowance amount. You’re satisfied, you’re thrilled, but you are also wondering, how exactly will I receive these funds?!

A sugar baby allowance is in contrast to anything you have received before. It is not from work. It’s not a little birthday check sent to you. It’s a normal infusion of money and you are going to have to put together the best way to manage it.

Each and every sugar baby has her very own preferences and you should determine what works best for you. In the meantime, here are the most popular methods sugar babies receive their allowance.


A great way to receive your allowance. It’s in cold, untraceable funds. Anyone who acquired cash can testify how easily it can be spent and exactly how difficult it really is to remember what was spent on. And in many cases, if even if you are really good, cash nonetheless comes with a couple of downsides.

A lot of sugar babies – and sugar daddies – never like handing out stuffed envelopes. It’s can feel awkward. Also, if you’re receiving a handful of thousand in cash every single month, you might experience paranoia in correlation with the amount of income you’re keeping. It can be risky and dangerous to walk around with large amounts of cash.

Bank Deposit

One other popular way to acquire your allowance is through the bank deposit. You can provide him with the bank, account number, your name as well as your bank account amount that he’ll pay.

A regular and conventional bank cable transfer requires the sender to have your full name, with the banking institution, bank account, and routing number. This is common. However, you maybe concerned about him gaining access to your bank account. In reality, they will be unable to access your data ‘unless you provide them with your signature, password and/or PIN’. Without that information, they cannot make withdrawals or reverse the action. So, no matter how close you’ve become – NEVER SHARE YOUR SMARTPHONE, PASSWORDS, PIN!!!

?The money in the bank is generally more secure than hoarding wads of cash in a luggage. But, the largest disadvantage is the income tax trouble.

The banks are required to document any build up of $10,000 or more to the internal revenue service. It makes no difference how the finances are deposited – cash, wire/online transfer. It will be noted and traced. If you want a bank deposit, then you should ask that your Sugar Baby allowance deposit be $9,000 or less. Most sugar babies have their allowance below $10K.

Again, there can be some security issues, especially if he uses your smartphone, discover your password, see your PIN, etc.

In that case, PayPal or other Peer to Peer payment option is your best option.


PayPal is an awesome convenient method to receive an allowance, without handing out any of your personal information. All your sugar daddy needs are your email and with that, he can give your allowance. Instant, quick, convenient, and protects private data.

Majority of sugar babies, just use PayPal!!!

There’s an electronic report of every repayment your sugar daddy sent. This is probably not a problem, but PayPal has new policies. PayPal claims it will need your tax identification number to send to the Internal revenue service when the monthly payments you receive go over both of these milestones in a work schedule year: $20,000 in payment for services and 200 monthly payments.

Most sugar babies will not meet these regulations (i.e. 200 payments), but all that details will be placed in your PayPal account in the event the IRS does decide to go explore it.

Peer To Peer Payments

Other similar PayPal applications you can use for money transfers include Google Wallet, Popmoney, Square Cash and Venmo, just to name a few. All protect both you and your identity if you have any issue. Keep in mind most have some kind of fees related to usually billed to the individual sending the amount of money.

Just send the email connected with your account. No personal details, no chance of any potential sugar daddy scamming you. Same as PayPal – quick, fast and protects your own information.

Just important warning: Never give your password. He might ask for it to check if the amount has been transferred. Don’t give him and insists it’s privacy policy.

Pre-Paid Card

This is also among the best options for sugar babies. Virtually as untraceable as funds, easy to reload, and you can take out money through the card and use it to pay for all your expenses. It could be a headache should you lose it. To make sure you could be re-issued a new one and not lose the money you in your card, be sure to have a copy of the card number, amount, as well as the toll-free number from the card. By doing this you will be able to pay your daily needs or splurges.


At times an SD expresses fascination with a travel partner on his user profile. If you are the lucky lady, you can be whisked away and enjoying deluxe hotels, resorts and holiday villas. Traveling with your SD can take you as much as a year overseas, even in 5-star accommodations. Many SD’s looking for a travel partner will throw in an extra stipend for shopping. The experience is just as enriching. The bottom line is to only travel with SD’s you love to be with together.

As you can see, there is truly no wrong or right way to obtain your allowance. Just go use the option you are most confident with. And always do your research!

Should I Give a Potential Sugar Daddy My Bank Login Information?

In no way should you give a potential sugar daddy your banking accounts login, password, PIN.

And yes, it may sound harsh but take it as what it is: a warning to sugar babies. After all, the last thing you want is to get scammed.

Don’t give any information, especially passwords, PIN and signature to anyone you’ve just met.

In fact, even if you’ve dated a sugar daddy for years and you established some trust and respect for him – There’s no need for him to know your bank login ID and password.

No real and genuine sugar daddy would ask for this information. Actually, no one has the right to ask for this private information. Not even your friends. It’s an invasion of privacy, it’s unnecessary. It’s your account.

A fast rule: If you’ve never met the man, do not give them any banking information online.

Also, depending on trust and relationship level, don’t bring your passbook, ATM, bank documents in dating or going out. There can be some security issues in bank drafts, especially if he sees your signature, PIN, etc.

In that case, PayPal or other Peer to Peer payment option is your best option!!!


?Receiving your Sugar Baby allowance would be challenging. But be wise, safe and remain ahead of the game. Work with your SD by letting him know your needs based on your circumstances and telling him of some boundaries.

So, that’s it, with lots of luck, you should find a great Sugar Daddy that’s willing to work together with you.

Do you have reactions, let us know in the comment section below.