Sugar Daddy Stories – 5 Sugar Baby And 1 Sugar Daddy Share Their Personal Experiences

Sugar Daddy Stories

It’s been sometime now, with the “sugar baby” trend spreading online, more and more curious seekers want to learn more about this special dating concept. With stories of girls making $30,000 annually on dates with men, more young women storm sugar dating sites to get opportunities to meet their own sugar daddies.

With more questions that arise on this type of set up, it’s no wonder first-time daters want to know about sugar daddy stories and seeking arrangement experiences.

Ahead, we gather real tales from sugar babies, to know more about their sugaring work, relationships, expectations and ever colorful life of a sugar baby. We look into backgrounds, how they got into the scene, success stories, horror stories and overall dating experience with wealthy older men.

Sugar Baby Sugar Daddy Stories – What It’s Like?

Most ladies who’re just starting may realize that sugar daddy experience is not always what they seem to expect. When sugar babies share their personal story, it’s interesting that their experiences show a mixed collective.

?Often, it’s the objective for a win-win agreement for both the sugar baby and daddy. Though there are always desirable scenarios of luxurious lifestyle, dating horror stories from real sugar babies are just as common.

So, what do you think it’s like to have a sugar daddy that will spoil and pamper your needs? Well, it’s best to let sugar babies speak for it.

For men, there’s a story of one sugar daddy sharing his own personal experience dealing with sugar babies.

Lei, 23 y/o – My Experience As A Sugar Baby

I signed up to Seeking Arrangement a year ago. I’m a single mom from Brooklyn and get lavished with gift items and money in return for dates.

It’s really nice being treated and also to have all those experiences while being taken out to nice spots. My sugar daddies have given me dollars for rent, expenses, and home needs. If I’m caught up for cash, I give a call and they help me out.

I did consider removing my profile on the site since I had a child and I’m seeking work, but it’s really difficult to get that money to pay for rent, payments and childcare every month. This sugar assists me – it’s useful in that sense.

Men have offered me cash for sex but once that took place I stop the communication due to the fact that’s not what I’m there for. It does make me feel cheap in a way like that’s the only real reason folks want to help you. I don’t like that, it will make me feel being used.

?My most successful sugar daddy relationship was with a man I met in New York, he’s from Toronto. The best gift he gave me was a trip to Disneyland with my child.

That sugar daddy was very nice if you ask me and my child – he has given us gifts and gave me feelings of security. He took us to Orlando and we book in fancy accommodations. My sugar daddy treated us to great meals and shopping.

He flew to L.A., New York, Asia, frequently back and forth. I also know that’s probably most girl’s fantasy to have a jet-setter man who purchases them gifts but it meant he was traveling far away sometimes. I only see him on weekends every few weeks towards the end of the setup.

My experience on sugar daddy sites continues to be pretty beneficial, and I view it as a great way to meet well-off men, but I’ll admit I heard some horror testimonies too.

I met a guy and was really nervous the moment I came on a date, I had a feeling there is something wrong about him. I pretended I got an emergency phone call and left quickly.

My friend met him a couple of weeks later on, we didn’t realize it was actually the same guy. He has an apartment in Manhattan, but he got nowhere around the amount of money he was quoted saying.

In their date, she went him in his unit and he attempted to lock entry doors behind her – the next chance, she sprinted out. This had been terrifying for her. That’s why I go with my gut on somebody.

Except for this one, it’s good usually because it pays you by helping a relationship need by men.

I know a handful of fellow SBs who use the website, including the 18 yr old sister of my friend, which scared me because she’s very youthful.

I’ll acknowledge, I don’t expect real love in having a sugar daddy. Probably I’ll search for love someday but all I want right now is to make sure my son’s supported for – those are my desired scenarios and goals right now.

I’ll be happy to share some tips, though.

  • Never contact his phone, don’t use lipstick that stains and also be fun all the time – that’s what it takes to snare a sugar daddy. You must be sophisticated, thoughtful, and devilishly entertaining at the same time. The majority of these men are looking for an escape from daily lives, and they need somebody presentable.
  • Never ask money on the initial date. It’s a fragile balance in being awkward and seemingly drawn to your sugar daddy.
  • As a sugar baby, your task is to perform the things a girlfriend may not have time or energy to complete, like visit the cinema, dancing, sailing, and even having a trip out of town.
  • Continue to keep the drama in an absolute minimum. If he misses a date, understand it. You will be his confidante, so listen if there are troubles at home and support him. Don’t wear stronger perfume or lipstick that may stain.

Brenda, 20 y/o – Life of a Sugar Baby

In some ways, my sugar daddy experience felt somewhat like I’m a virgin all over again, quite new to the norms of having sex for the money.

Late last year, I was strapped for cash, typical underemployed millennial. I had been doing part-time in marketing for a couple months, and slowly circling the drain back to the institution.

The idea of offering my body for the money had been a longstanding laugh among my friends, but I began to consider the concept very seriously, as soon as I feel the need for some cash.

Before becoming a sugar baby, there were some solid concerns I have such as the potential for violence to start with. The prospect of offering my body to a guy needs a long pause. Inside my daily life, I make an attempt to resist objectification wearing large sweaters, earbuds and cautiously guarding any encounter.

As a completely sex-optimistic, new-wave feminist, I then rallied my arguments to support the validity of sex work, but years of social shame and stigma are not easy to slough off.

After allowing it to go at the back of my mind for a couple months, I put in a night researching the stories of sugar babies on Reddit.

?Here are the things I learned.

  • Meet up in public for first dates.
  • Use a fake name.
  • Use another phone number.
  • Notify friends where you’re heading.

You need to practice in seeking your allowance from some daddies you don’t care about, so you’re more confident in your ability when you find the one you’re interested in.

Most importantly, trust your impulse and instinct.

In setting up my allowance, I overestimated the amount I generally devote per month, at $3,000. This got me to those seeking plans, with anticipations as high as $10,000 for every month.

When I see my approved dating account, I had 18 “profile views”, 6 “favorites,” and 25 messages, which range from the classic “hey, how are you” to “you’re pretty. do you have a great butt?” to multiple liners from anything but a gentleman.

For about a week, I was obsessed. It surpassed my use of Instagram as my phone scrolling-activity.

I scoured sugar daddy profiles and began to accustom myself on the language of the site. I tweaked my profile to improve the things I wanted: a monthly allowance from somebody I enjoyed and wouldn’t mind boning.

Of course, I indicated slightly more. When talking to the guys, I tell jokes and referenced their profile details as much as possible.

I meet guys for meals, drinks, mid-day coffees, movies. These meetings stay on the pattern of your standard very first date, except half the time I don’t understand what the guy may be like.

We make awkward talks for a minute or two in regards to the weather, I then settle in and work my charm to transition us to more interesting subject matter like songs, politics, or that least more exciting like vacation and the great restaurants around.

At most of the time, the conversation always goes to one’s experiences on the site, usually by some allusion to “well, we met in an interesting way” or directly, “How long are you using the site?”

Sometimes, I opt for an informal approach, bringing up how I love to have fun, fulfill interesting men while saying, guys, my age group is so dull. I try to keep things informal.

But, needless to say, you must talk about your allowance, for which I ask $2,200 per month. Though, if it arises, I have a ready pay per date charge of $300!

Claire, 26 y/o – Seeking Arrangement Experience

Where do I start this? Well, I’ve been doing it in the past ten months. I’m studying at a university, and I live just outside of South Carolina, and getting a job continues to be a headache. One of my friends has been a Sugar Baby for a while now, and she explained to me that she experienced a lot of success in sugar daddy allowances, so I was like – why not?

I have also never ever had sex with any of my dates from Seeking Arrangement. I say it up front. I tell the men I want to gain knowledge from them, and it’s gonna be a companionship. I’m not looking for love or a one-night sex type of thing, and they also respect that.

Some of them get sexually encouraged because they are drawn to me (I’m tall, blonde and slim). Nevertheless, I always say, they have choices. They could just choose other sugar babies or watch porn or some other options.

I’d like to say that sugar babies aren’t a sex thing. It’s usually a reciprocal understanding that this is exactly what they want, and this is exactly what I want, and here is how we could possibly get there together. There are some Sugar Daddy that usually values that, and it can be a change for them. Like, they are aware of what I need.

My goal here is to find people that will improve my life money wise and with better lifestyle experiences. I am really thinking of how I can use these connections personally, skillfully, and monetarily.

I’ve just graduated in school, so I’m a bit late towards the game, and I have student loans more than $1,000 a month. I must make sure I am secure. I am still trying to solve out the rest of life, but a majority of these men are older, with lots of life experiences, and they have connections.

Sure, I can go find a 9-to-5 job, like a barista thing, however, I feel like this can be a way to build relationships, get acquainted with people, and also travel. It is also a way for me to look into another lifestyle, that I just didn’t have.

This sounds like you’re blurring the collections between dating and networking, but you have this like your job.

You decide to go into a work, knowing that and this is what you want, correct? For me, it’s a chance for growth, to enhance my life in some way, may it be through money or gifts.

It’s generally always them initiating the conversation. It is like, ‘Hi, I enjoy this or that… regarding what you stated, I would like to get to know you more… this is what I’m seeking.

I directly inform them I’m searching for someone who will probably be open to possibly giving an allowance, whether or not it’s travel, or otherwise with gifts. In return, I can give you friendship. We can enjoy this journey together. I am a listener. I let them know I do not meet potential sugar daddy after only a first month of chat.

But I’ll do FaceTime, Skype calls, and from there, after a few months, we’ll be able to schedule a date and go out to dinner and go all sorts of music gigs. I make sure I mention that I’m a vegetarian.

In dates, other SDs, they’ll pick me up someplace close by, but never at my house. I am never at their house, and they’re by no means at my own house. We will probably in a public place.

Money-wise, normally I ask what their finances are. I question what they’re willing to give for my time, due to the fact I’ve understood my importance in that regard. A lot of them will say $2,400 for a month, which is greater than my $1,100 rent, so why not? Also, I mention a gift idea like a new designer bag, shoes, clothes, makeup.

I’m happy to say this month I am generating, roughly $6,000. Last month was $5,000.I also do work freelance work, so it meets my needs.

I would say I’ve gotten around $40,000 so far during my five months of Sugar Baby dating. I am on the verge of striking $50,000 by next year.

Kelly, 24 – Sugar Baby Success Stories

There’s one Sugar Daddy I had a romantic relationship with now, and he enjoys being a life coach to me. He sends me books, videos, tells me how to look into work. It’s been cool since he’s hooked me with companies and shakers in the metropolis.

There’s no definite or set money stuff that’s happening with him. But he’s quite secretive in gifts, he’ll give bags and shoes sometimes. He’ll sometimes ask if I need him to pay for a bill.

One more guy, which just started out weeks earlier, says he enjoys traveling. He likes to reserve trips – I think we are going to Hawaii next few days. So he’ll book airplane tickets and send to my email and say, ‘I hope you are totally free on these days.’ He’ll give money when we go out, but with him, it’s generally the vacation I love.

There’s another partnership I have at the moment. Well, he’s married, and he’s seeking to get away from his wife and children, so seriously he just goes with me most of the time. He just discusses work and what’a going on his life, and I’m always saying to him that when you’re unhappy, it’s not good for you, and it’s not good for his wife and kids. So he gives me money for the meet ups – about $1,000 for 2-3 dates we go out. It’s just like a talking or support work for him.

?On how I view these arrangements, well I feel like there’s a little bit more than what we can put up with having this particular lifestyle. Yet, by not budging on that closeness and romantic relationships boundary.

If you consider about it, you take lots of crap at work just to get the paycheck. I wouldn’t say this is crap, but occasionally I’ll be on phone, and I’ll fall asleep around the call since it’s excessive talking. They’re fine with that, but it can be irritating at times.

In addition, I can’t say, ‘I do not really want to visit.’ We will talk beforehand, like any relationship or companionship, like saying ‘What are you currently doing? Are you having plans?’

If they know I do not have anything to do for that weekend break, and I reject a planned trip, it is like, they’ say, fine, well probably need to stop this deal. I then have to find someone else.

My day-to-day routine is usually attending to my Sugar Daddies. A lot of them are extremely lonely. Normally they text me through the day, but if they would like to call me, they have to text me beforehand.

On a good week, I can attend dates to sugar daddies three to four times a week, at a maximum, because I still have my own life and I still need friends and family time.

Denise, 21 y/o – Sugar Daddy Horror Stories

I’ve joined the sugar dating before, and I made ample money in several hours to cover my whole month’s wage, which normally takes me more than 80 hours in retail work. But I wouldn’t do sugar daddy dating once again.

It started off when I discovered about sites like and

My friend was making $600 a week in exchange for this sort of interactions with one man – meaning she made $2,400 a month for spending time with a guy for 4 days.

?You might be questioning how this doesn’t comprise prostitution, but to avoid legitimate trouble, sites like these don’t pitch what’s happening as sex work. They love to think of it a “mutual relationship” in which the sugar daddy is spending money on “desirable company,” and in give back, a sugar baby is gaining access to “the better things in her life.”

That is not to say, even so, that I was doing this out from the sheer need of money, I was averse to the thought of having sex with a man I just met, let alone a sugar daddy.

Eventually, the arrangement also appealed for me because I really enjoy sex, discovering my submissive side, and simply being pampered from time to time.

In two hours after signing up for a Sugar Daffy site, I had a date with a man, Jim. We agreed to meet up with for dinner with a high-end bistro in the area. His user profile said he was from Las Vegas but came into California for some business dealings. He has a beautiful condo here and cherished being with a great girl.

As soon as I showed up, he said to me I was pretty for a tanned half Latina girl.

There are many reasons this became unsettling, although the first thing is that I am already continually bombarded by images of white skin as being beautiful.

This stranger kicked off our interaction by essentially revealing to me that my beauty extends simply to a stage that can by no means exceed, relating to white girls.

When he asked what I do and I told him I used to be a student, while I work as a retail clerk, and waitress, in which he laughed.

After calling my jobs “joke careers” and then start making comments about how exactly a pretty young lady like me “doesn’t want a brain”, in response in which I decided to smile and nod.

Jim told me that my time would be much better-spent training and undertaking CrossFit so I could be a stripper or hooker in Vegas.

He added since you have the looks, and you’re already comfy to ‘slut’, you might just dedicate your daily life to it.

I suppose he was right about one important thing, I cozy to “slut”. While he called it because, in my opinion, there’s absolutely nothing morally wrong with being sexually active or engaging in sex work.

I found myself so agitated by his assumption which I was carrying this out of a need for the money. As a result, my body and no other aspect of my personality presented value.

I realized that setting myself on the position of a sugar baby, opened up for this man to degrade and insult me verbally in such a way I didn’t really assume.

As we started talking about the terms of our “arrangement,” he explained to me he would only pay me in full after each and every session. Basically, if I let him have his way with me. No questions asked.

All of a sudden, I noticed something essential that educated my experience with this man, and the complete sugar daddy sugar baby experience on the whole. There was a stark potential imbalance.

Jim took the “you need me more”, “than I need you” argument and I was unwilling to barter when I disagreed to the terms he outlined.

We talked about other topics that didn’t relate to the set up at all, like what he does for work, where he grew up, hobbies, and so on.

He was not particularly fascinating, but he wasn’t specifically uninteresting, but he was surely attractive. Whenever we feel near the conclusion of a drink, he asked, “Would you like to visit my condo? There’s a lovely view of the ocean. And I have a great garden. In addition, my linens are extremely smooth.”

I took a deep long breath. This can go certainly one of two approaches: I refuse, leave quickly, and never see this man again.

Or, I could consider again and give one more a chance to define the arrangement on my small terms, go with it… after which probably by no means see this man once more.

“I want half the payment upfront and then I can take the other half after. We need to use a condom, and I do not want any anal penetration, bondage by any means. Basically, If I tell you are being rough, you will need to stop.”

He paused, and after that responded: “OK. I’ll give you all of the money in advance if you are interested in experimenting with a little bondage. Alright, no anal penetration.”

How much cash was enough that this would give me free time to sleep instead of doing work more than 40 hours every week, with 16 hours in school, on a limited number of hours of sleep every night. I decided to go with the agreement.

As soon as we got to his apartment, I text my location with a friend so she would know my exact whereabouts in case anything gets wrong. Jim and I also enjoyed the night, had an additional glass of wine, after he paid me, $800 in cash.

He honored my requests most of the time, getting a touch too rough with me from time to time, but ultimately easing up. Most importantly, I did not feel like I was violated.

Even though I was somewhat too tense to reach orgasm, the sex was largely pleasurable to me. Despite that, as I get into an Uber to go home, I made the decision I probably wouldn’t embark on this kind of connection again.

Andre, 52 y/o – Sugar Daddy Personal Stories

I’m a ‘sugar daddy’ that has been dating different ‘sugar baby’ for two years – here’s what every person gets incorrect about these relationships.

I can say the women I date are certainly not prostitutes, but “everyday women” with “jobs that want a better standard life.”

Outsiders tend to associate being a sugar baby with prostitution, but that’s not how I look at it. To me, sugar dating is much more like a temporary relationship where you do your own planning.

A prostitute not only gives sex acts for the money, but sees multiple men in a day, and that’s how she makes her living. A sugar baby wants a continuous relationship. She would like a guy who she can get on with.

She needs what a lover or partner might get when they found a nice man. She has a job that mostly pays off her needs, but she is looking to enhance her way of life. And she does not discuss sex for money, upfront (well, yes some do).

Though, most of them determine if the agreement is going to keep on, past the initial date, they do their own part to continue as a lover and be romantic in every date.

I actually have met numerous women on various sites. I talk with them and hear their stories. I’ve seen a number of women for several years.

The women I meet have work and regular daily life. You’ll in no way know they are a sugar baby. Actually, most women always keep the whole thing for themselves and, at most, discuss it with one particular girlfriend who may be doing the same and maybe explained them the gig.

Many women after weeks being a sugar baby, often simply stop, because they get sick and tired of getting strange propositions from creepy men who don’t, in fact, have the money to help them to out.

?For me, I treat sugar babies like regular women. Most of the typical sugar baby has a goal, like saving up to get a car, going for a trip, or getting a new apartment. She is likely in-between boyfriends, or maybe broke up with a partner, or she’s divorced and doesn’t want dating drama. A few of them like that an older man has cash and it fancies them. Older women that have been married always expect stuff, while new sugar babies are thankful, notably the first time they get a gift like they receive a new Smartphone or gift cheques.

The relationships are great for me. It’s like having girlfriends – but I’ll never get hitched or dumped. And I can always replace with sugar babies.


With the number of young women seeking a higher education and better lifestyle, sugar baby memberships have been increasing exponentially in recent years.

?They are now turning to Sugar Daddies to ease that financial burden, that in one sugar daddy site’s report, they revealed that Sugar Babies are receiving an average monthly allowance of $2,500 to $3,000.

For men, I think a lot of guys should take notes from these sugar baby sugar daddy stories. These could help you to last in relationships longer, whether your in seeking arrangement terms or not.

Do you have your stories to share, let us know in comment section below.