What Is a Sugar Baby: Meaning, Jobs, Rules & Sugaring Tips

What is a Sugar Baby

A sugar baby is someone who joins a transactional relationship for the purpose of financial security.

He or she receives cash, gifts and other financial benefits from his or her sugar daddy or sugar mommy.

Are you wondering what a sugar baby is? Do you also believe that sugar babies are just using their looks to get what they want?

A sugar baby is often misunderstood. Many liken sugar babies to prostitutes, but they are not the same. Actually, they are so much different and you will learn that here.

What is a Sugar Baby?

I often come across these questions what’s “sugar baby meaning,” “sugar baby definition” or “definition sugar baby.” I admit, there was a time when I was also wondering what a sugar baby is and what they do. For those who are asking themselves the same question – here’s the answer.

A sugar baby is a person who agrees to be in a transactional relationship for a particular purpose, in general, to achieve financial security. They are attractive, sexy and have a strong sexual appeal.

However, they are more than that because they are also empowered, driven, and ambitious. They have exquisite taste and appetite for a relationship that promises new experiences and of course, good life.

A sugar baby also appreciates the value of finding a mentor, teacher, confidante, friend and lover in her sugar daddy.

Sugarbabies are not escorts or prostitutes. They are often mistaken as one due to the issue of sex and how it’s tied up in the financial relationship.

Prostitutes offer their body for pleasure in exchange for money. That’s all

The key difference is that a sugar daddy relationship is a regular arrangement.

The two parties will agree on what they can and can’t do to each other.They have sugar baby rules and sugar daddy rules and sex is not necessarily included.

In fact, one sugar baby revealed that she never had any sexual relationship with her sugar daddies.

According to her, viewing them as prostitutes is the biggest misconception about being a sugar baby.

“People view us as ‘prostitutes,’ but that’s not really accurate. I’ve never had a sexual relationship with a sugar daddy; the most I’ve done is give them a hug, but that’s mainly because I’m a hugger. I love everyone,” Kaeden told Huffington Post. To be honest, most clients do expect sex, but I’m quick to shut it down. If they disagree, then I move on.

I’ve turned down thousands of dollars to hold my ground of no sex. The key is to have them work for you, not for you to work for them. You’re the boss.

How to Become a Sugar Baby?

Are you wondering how to be a sugar baby? If you do, I will give you some tips to be one. For those who are into sugaring already and are wondering how to level up their game, this section will be most helpful to you.

Here are some sugar baby tips to help you find more sugar daddies.


According to SeekingArrangement rep Brook Urick, you are beautiful without makeup, but it’s mandatory for sugar babies to put on their makeup. A hair and makeup expert noted that by doing so, this will give your sugar daddy an impression that you are a “high maintenance.”

However, you should be careful when doing so because guys are afraid of too much makeup. Your makeup should enhance your beauty not make you look like a clown. So, use it well.

Be Clean

Some sugar daddies pay for their sugarbabe’s condo or rent them a pad. Whether he is funding your rental or not, there will be times when he will visit your home.

When he does, make sure that your home is welcoming, fresh and clean. A man hates a dirty house.

In fact, according to veteran sugar baby Chelsea, she was once dumped by her sugar daddy for having makeup dregs in her sink when he came by to visit.

Go over your needs

A sugar daddy is generous and he will likely give you money. If you ask for allowance it’s better to be specific with costs and where you will use it like: car payment, cell phone bill, student loan payment, tuition fee, etc.

Business type sugar daddies response well for requests especially when it comes to investment into your business ventures be it your web series or lifestyle blog.

Be Firm

Sugaring is like a freelance work – it offers multiple streams of income. None of your sugar daddy owns you, so you should be free to live your life.

If ever you encounter a possessive sugar daddy, take a firm stance. “Look, if you’re not gonna give me a big allowance and you’re not gonna let me see other people, then I’m not gonna see you,” Chelsea suggests.

This also applies to your arrangement. Being a sugar baby gives you the luxury of life you can’t afford, but this doesn’t rip you off from making decisions. At some point, sugar daddies will expect to get intimate with you, but it’s not wrong if you say “no” to sex.

Married sugar daddy etiquette

A number of sugar daddies are married. Getting one is actually hitting the jackpot because they tend to give a bigger allowance and they are less clingy.

In addition, they are more relaxed and open about you having multiple partners.

So, you have to know the etiquette when your sugar daddy is married. First, don’t call or text him as their families might see those notifications.

The best means of communication is through email. Also, don’t hang out in their neighborhood on your dates.

Know what you want and don’t want

Sugar daddies know that you have needs and that it’s part of your arrangement that he provides some of it. So, be upfront when it comes to what you want from him and what’s your limitations.

According to CEO Brandon Wade, you can either express your wants or withhold it to draw mystery. For him, the way to a man’s wallet is through his hearty. He recommends that you say “no” to sex for the first month. A-type players are reportedly successful for this strategy.

Connect with other sugar babies

The best way to get yourself around the sugar world is to reach out to other sugardaters. There’s a huge sugar baby community on Tumblr, make use of this to make friends with other sugar babes.

?Share experiences and learn new things from them. You will definitely learn tons of sugar baby tips, especially from experienced ones. Also, they are the best persons who will definitely understand and even join you when you complain about salt daddies.

Sugar Baby Jobs

Aside from making yourself pretty and gorgeous for your sugar daddy, you’ve got to play your role. Yes, you will be paid for your presence and time, but you have to be friendly, fun and entertaining, too.

Here are some of the things that sugar babies have to do:


Sugar daddies love to talk about themselves, their success and their adventures. So, be enthusiastic whenever he speaks. Avoid to appear bored.

In addition, some of them are just looking for someone to talk and listen to their woes. A number of them are too busy with their business or dedicated to their professions. Others have family issues and want someone new to converse.

Just listen, you don’t have to give him any word of advice unless he asks for one. But of course, be conversational. Don’t make him feel alone.

Most men who turn into this service are generally lonely. Some are divorced while others are too shy to maintain a real relationship.


Whenever you receive a present, or schedule a date or listen to whatever he says always show enthusiasm. Reduce his burden by making him feel that he has someone to talk to.

Sugar daddies have different reasons why they opt to be a with a sugar baby but always exert effort to make him feel better because sugar babies, in general, are sociable.

Date or Companion

A sugar daddy may invite you to a romantic dinner or to an event as his escort. Chances are high that you will be seen with him in public. If you are not comfortable in being seen with a sugardate in your hometown or you are afraid that a family member, relative or friend would see you, you have the option to only work for a sugar daddy in a different state or country.

Sugar daddies have the resources to book you a flight and accommodation if they really like to be with you.

In some cases, they just want someone to be with them at home or on a trip. If your sugar daddy lives in a different state, he might ask you to fly to him. This is an opportunity for you to see new places and experience a life that most dream but can’t afford because all the expenses, including your accommodation, will be paid.

Travel Buddy

For ladies who love to travel, finding a sugar daddy to sponsor your trips is a possible mean to realize your dream vacation. A number of sugar daddies are businessmen and they frequently travel. In most cases, they bring their sugar babies with them to accompany them and add fun during their trip.

Partner in Bed

Sex is not part of a sugar daddy relationship all the time, but most are expecting to get intimate with their sugar babies in some way. This can range from touching, holding hands, hugging, kissing and to more mature stuff.

Some sugar daddies may not ask for this on your first meeting, but if you continue to see each other, he may eventually ask this. So, you should not be surprised if your sugar daddy does.

Always remember that sex is not necessarily part of the arrangement. This still depends on you if you give in or not. I know a number of sugar babies who don’t engage into any sexual intimacies with their sugar daddies. Others do and get a bigger paycheck. In the end, you still have a choice whether you do it or not.

It is recommended that as a sugar baby, you don’t engage in sex on your first meeting. There are stories of sugar babies doing this hoping to give a good impression to their sugar daddy by giving a free trial only to lose contact after their first meeting.

Be open to give in to his fetish

Fetishes are pretty common part of sugaring. There are sugar daddies who are too shy to release their kinks to their spouses or girlfriends and want to do it to their sugar babies.

In fact, there are sugar daddies that reportedly wanted their sugar babies to dress like a school girl and call them daddy. Meanwhile, others just want to see their sugar baby naked on the pool and not necessarily have sex.

Also, he might ask for sexy photos. Meanwhile, some want to engage in sex talks. All of this will depend on the two of you. The arrangement would be between you and your sugar daddy.

Sugar Baby Arrangement Examples

Sugar babies and sugar daddies always have an agreement. In all cases, this includes the sugar baby’s desire for allowance or money to pay for her tuition, rent, phone bill and other necessities.

For the arrangement, you should not leave this to chance. It is recommended that you write your desired allowance on your profile for potential sugar daddies to see it.

So, don’t write, “open allowance” in your profile or even indicate that it’s “negotiable.” Also, list down what you want from him, this may include:

-Trips abroad
-Expensive bags and shoes
-Monthly allowance
-Dinner at a 5-star hotel

?If you are asking for a monthly allowance, it will be helpful if you get into details like it’s for your phone bills, rental or tuition fee. Also, if you want for your sugar daddy to be your mentor tell him ahead.

Aside from this, you can also take advantage of your sugar daddy’s connection. For instance, one sugar baby graduates from law school and his sugar daddy helps her land a job in a firm.

Sugar Baby Rules and Safety Tips

For sugar babies to be successful and safe, here are tips for you. These are general tips for sugaring that you need to learn early on. So, be sure to read all the way through.

Use a fake name. It’s best to use something believable, common and close to your first name. You can use your middle name. If you to go really anonymous,  you can do so, too. We recommend this so it’s impossible for your sugar daddies to completely invade your personal life like finding you on Facebook.

Be careful when giving away your phone number. It’s expected from you to give away your phone number to a potential sugar daddy. However, make sure that your number is not connected to Message, which could potentially reveal your email that is connected to your personal information including your real name.

Be wise when using Uber. Uber is a great and cheap way of transport. When a sugar daddy offers to send an Uber top pick you up, you should not give your actual address, instead, have Uber pick you up in a public place. However, be sure that you are ready for pick up so that the driver won’t call the sugar daddy and inform him that he’s waiting at a park or a fast food chain.

Avoid hosting dates. Some sugar babies don’t mind hosting their sugar daddies at home. However, by doing so, you are giving them easy access to your privacy. If you end things with them, they know where to find you.

Always inform someone when you are out. It’s understandable that most want to keep sugaring private even from their family members and closest friends. However, it’s best if you have someone who knows your sugar lifestyle. Tell her or him where you are going and when to expect you home.

Never agree to be reimbursed. If a potential sugar daddy asks you to pay for something like a hotel room, transportation or plane ticket and promises to reimburse you later, turn him down. Sugar babies get scammed in this way.

So, never put any money because it’s the sugar daddy’s role to pay for all the expenses.

Avoid places you frequent. For your personal well-being avoid to set a date in a place you frequent. Of course, you don’t want the people from work or school to recognize you and ask you whose the man you’re with.

Use condoms. Yes, sugaring is similar to prostitution but sex is not always out of the cards. Your sugar daddy would expect some form of intimacy from you and eventually, he might want to have sex with you. When this happens, make sure to use condoms and get tested often to ensure your safety and health. Also, when you get an STD your sugaring days would be over.

Never agree to do anything for free. Don’t agree to send intimate or nude photos without pay. In addition, don’t engage in sex if you haven’t worked out a system for compensation. A number of sugar babies who had sex on their first date with zero benefits thought that doing so was like giving their potential sugar daddy a free trial, but they didn’t hear again from those men.

Be aggressive to score a date. Unlike regular dating sites, when you join sugaring, men are the ones who receive tons of messages. So, if you are really in need of money and want to find a sugar daddy take the time to send messages until you find one or more who can provide you with the lifestyle you wish.


Sugar babies are into exciting roles and treats when they join the sugaring world. This may not be for everyone but a lot has found a sugar daddy relationship to be beneficial for them and they were glad they did it.

It may take years of experience to be successful in this activity because there are also salt daddies. If you really need money, and you’re ambitious and you’ve got the looks, you can use this to afford the lifestyle you dream of. There are a number of generous sugar daddies who are willing to sponsor your dream vacation, help you achieve your dream job, shower you with expensive presents and give you more.

If you are interested in joining the sugaring world as a sugar baby, check out these sites:
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