What Is a Sugar Daddy, Salt Daddy: Meaning, Requirements, Expected?

What is Sugar Daddy

A sugar daddy is a successful and established man who wants the company of a young and beautiful woman that he is willing to pamper and mentor.

What is a sugar daddy? Are you asking yourself the same question?

When one hears this word, some immediately conclude that sugar daddies are rich, dirty old man. However, this is not actually true. Yes, they are wealthy but not necessarily old, but they do have enough experience in life.

For those who are searching for sugar daddy definition, you will find the answer here. By the end of this article, you should have a good understanding of “whats a sugar daddy?” because we will define sugar daddy. So, let’s get started!


Sugar Daddy Meaning

Often times, a sugar daddy is taken on a different context. Many think that they are dirty old men. But they are very different from that. So, what does sugar daddy mean?

According to sugar daddy wiki, a sugar daddy is a slang term referring to an established, successful man who offers financial security or material support to a younger companion.

?For Seeking Arrangement, a sugar daddy is a successful member, a modern gentleman with refined taste, exceptional experience, and abundant resources. They are looking for someone to share their extraordinary lifestyle to create a meaningful relationship.

Sugar daddies have an exceptional life already and they are just looking for someone that can amplify it because they don’t have the time to hang out with women at the bars.

Sugar daddies are very keen on what they do and they excel in their professions. So, don’t feel bad if they can’t reply to your texts immediately, it’s more likely that he’s taking care of business.

According to Sugar Babies, the top professions of the sugar daddies include:

Corporate Executive

This refers to senior level executives including CEO, who are the highest paid individuals in their business.

Usually, their profession entails traveling and they mix a little pressure by bringing a sugar baby along.


Lawyers are in the perfect position to provide for a sugar babe.

They have impressive paychecks and they make their own schedules which allow them to decide how much time they can spend on their sugar babies. He also has the means to pamper his sugar babies while he is in court.

Lawyers are frequent sugar daddies.


A number of sugar daddies are into politics, too.With their power and money, these men are very attractive to sugar babies.In fact, a number of young women are competing to have politician sugar daddies.


Men in the entertainment industry come from different businesses including movie, producing, music and even athletes. Honestly, there are a few sugar daddies in sports because they are popular, rich and sought after.

Men in the entertainment industry are very appealing to sugar babies due to their success in the limelight. This is evident in the number of sugar babies walking down the red carpet.


A surgeon is among the highest paying careers in the USA. However, they are very much involved and dedicated to their professions that they have no time for romance, which makes sugar relationship a great arrangement for them.

Surgeons can have a short and fulfilling relationship with them because sugar babies will be there for them when they need it.

What Does a Sugar Daddy Do?

In all sugar relationships, the sugar daddy is the one who gives financially. This can come in different forms.

Here are of the things that a sugar daddy offers.

  • Cover the expenses of his sugar baby whenever they go out
  • Take you to luxurious and romantic trips
  • Treat you to expensive restaurant
  • Shower you with gifts and surprises (bags, shoes, jewelry, etc.)
  • Pay your bills
  • Pay your tuition (for college students)
  • Give you weekly or monthly allowance
  • Be your mentor

 How to be a Sugar Daddy

A sugar daddy and sugar baby share a mutually beneficial relationship. It’s about companionship that of course, involves money and time.

Here are some tips on how to be a sugar daddy:

Have an open communication. As a sugar daddy, you have to charm your sugar baby not just with your cash but with your words, too. Ask what she needs and ask her if she’s okay and comfortable.

Provide her needs. It is given that women take the sugar baby job because they have certain financial needs to be met. If she’s a student pay for her textbooks, tuition and give her allowance.

Some sugar daddies pay for their sugar babies’ rent, bills and other expenses. This is normal because sugar daddies are expected to give and pamper their sugar babes.

Pamper her with gifts and surprises. Yes, it is given that you will pay for her time, for your trips and for all the expenses you incur when you are together.

But this should not stop you from showering her with presents.

Most sugar daddies love to surprise their sugar babies with present any time of the day. It can be an expensive jewelry, a surprise vacation, a budget for a shopping spree or a romantic dinner at a luxury dining restaurant.

Sugar daddies are wealthy and successful. It’s expected that they have too much to give. So, be generous. Don’t just give what your sugar baby needs, give more because she’s expecting to be spoiled.

Teach her to be independent. There are a number of sugar daddy relationships that are more on helping the younger partner grow and learn. Since sugar daddies are established and good at what they do, they make a good mentor.

They have a lot of experience, knowledge and connection that can be beneficial to the sugar baby.

In fact, there are women who landed a good internship or job through their sugar daddy’s influence. There are ladies who are looking for sugar daddies to teach them and mentor them in business or in whatever his expertise is. So, teach your sugar baby to be independent.

Be a friend. Treat your sugar baby as your equal.

It’s true that you pay for her time and she accepts it because she needs it.

You are both into this arrangement because you need each other.

So, be a friend. Learn to open up, communicate with respect and be a strong support for each other.However, don’t be attached to each other.

Respect her. As a sugar daddy, you seek the companion of a young, beautiful and ambitious woman. She’s not an escort or a prostitute. You have to treat her well. You likely end up with her because you have no one or the people close to you are not available to join you at the time, so she’s filling a huge role in your life.

Always remember that you are sharing a mutually beneficial relationship. She’s also playing a role in your arrangement. While you are providing her needs, she’s also giving you her time and dedication.

Exert effort. Sugar daddies should make an effort to ensure that there’s an emotional and physical connection between you and your sugar baby. You are more mature in age and experience. Between the two of you, you’re the one who knows how to handle the things between the two of you.

Start by talking about your common interest. You can probably do it together or support each other’s passion. When a sugar baby feels abandoned or ignored she might leave and go away.

?However, both of you should remember your arrangement. Although you are being kind, generous and respectful to each other, your relationship should be clear between the two of you. The sugar baby should not be too attached to you. And so, you are to her!

What Sugar Daddies Look For

Given a sugar daddy’s lifestyle and taste, there are certain requirements that they also look for potential sugar babies. Here are some of the things that they want from their sugar babes.

Beauty and Elegance

This may sound shallow and stereotypical, but men want the company of a gorgeous woman. The very first thing they look is one’s outer appearance. This is the reason most are young and pretty.

They want someone who can charm and woo them. But, you don’t necessarily need to look like a model to please a sugar daddy. Just be yourself and learn to complement your natural beauty. In most cases, a sugar daddy would arrange for a meeting to gauge your compatibility.


A sugar daddy is too busy that sometimes he asks his secretary or someone else to surprise you.

So, if you want a trip with him, have the initiative to plan the itinerary.

He is more than willing to shoulder the expenses, so spare him from the trouble of thinking about that dream vacation you want.

Also, making decisions on your own shows your intelligence and independence.

These qualities turn on mature men.


Sugar babies are normal individuals with dreams. Sugar daddies love to support your goals and would be more than willing to help you pay your bills and tuition. That’s why there are a number of college students that become sugar babies.

In addition, they have established a career and have built a strong connection in their business. There are sugar babies who landed a good internship or got their dream job thanks to their sugar daddies.

For sugar babies, don’t be shy to ask help or guidance because your sugar daddy can be your mentor, too. Also, sugar daddies love beauty and brain!


There are sugar daddies who are fine being seen with sugar babies in public but not all of them do. You should respect his privacy because he also has a reputation to protect. All the more if he is married.

Also, don’t expect him to tell you all of his assets and savings.

Be sure not to overstep his boundaries because sugar daddies are very particular with what they want and don’t. They avoid sugar babies who do this. So, don’t bombard him with text messages and calls too when you’re bored or anytime you like it.

Intimacy & Sex

Sugar daddies will be expecting a few moments of intimacy with their sugar babies. This could range from joining him for dinner at a five-star hotel, flying with him on his next business trip or just spending some time with him on his place to cuddling, kissing and more mature stuff.

Over 80% of all sugar daddies are expecting sexual favors from a sugar baby at some point. The majority of them are gentlemen and would not force themselves on you. So, make this clear in your arrangement.

Sugar Daddy Arrangement Examples

Dating a sugar daddy opens tons of opportunities for you to enjoy the pleasure in living. So, when making Sugar Daddies Arrangement be sure to consider the following:

Write down what you want

Sugar babies have different reasons why they take this job. Some want their sugar daddies to pay their tuition, others want to travel while the rest want extra money for their dream car, vacation or monthly allowance for their bills.

Also, if you want to receive fancy gifts like an expensive dinner, a dream vacation or a luxurious handbag, let your sugar daddy know beforehand.

Put what you expect on your profile

A sugar daddy relationship is like a job. You will get paid for your time. So, let your man know your desired monthly allowance.

Don’t just put “Open: Allowance Negotiable” on your profile because this will only confuse your sugar daddy and disappoint you.

If your sugar daddy only gives you $2,000 and you are expecting $6,000 then you will only feel bad. Both of you will only be wasting your time.

Choose the best timing

When it comes to discussing your arrangement, it’s very important that you consider the best timing. If you want to get the best out of your arrangement, do not bring the issue of money on your first online chat.

?Sense when it’s best to discuss. Move with the flow and wait until he mentions the amount he can give. Sugar daddies are generous, just make sure that you have a legit one and not a salt daddy!

What’s a Salt Daddy?

If you are into the sugar dating world, pretty sure you have heard the word “salt daddy.” The word itself gives you the impression that it’s the opposite of sugar daddy. So, let’s check out the salt daddy meaning.

Salt daddy definition: An older man who has a relationship with a younger female but doesn’t have anything to offer her. The opposite of a sugar daddy!

A salt daddy is someone who fakes being generous to get the attention of the girls on a sugar dating site or app. However, he is not actually willing to spoil a sugar baby but only pretends to get in your pants. Salt daddies are not the one sugar babies want to spend time with because they only give false hope.

How to Spot a Salt Daddy

New sugar babies are prone to find themselves with salt daddies. But with years of experience, you can eventually determine if a man is a sugar or salt daddy. However, you don’t have to wait that long to learn. So, for those who are still new to sugar dating, here is a list of salt daddy red flags that you should look out for:

He lies. If he tells you one thing but shows up with another, he is probably fake. So, listen closely to whatever he says, about his profession or to the hotel where he wants to take you. Also, take note of his age, photo and car.

If he claims that he owns a Ferrari but arrives in a Lexus, that’s something you should reconsider. Yes, he can own several vehicles but why wouldn’t he use the vehicle he already mentioned to you?

He doesn’t want to discuss your arrangement. A sugar daddy – sugar baby relationship is like a job. Sugar babies expect to receive presents, allowance and other treats. If the man avoids this discussion, he could be a salt daddy.

A number of salt babies admit that arrangement is among one of the things they discuss upfront. So, if a man avoids this topic, something’s fishy!

He opts for a cheaper venue. Sugar daddies are established and successful men. They have overwhelming wealth that they want to share it with you by pampering you.

So, if you choose a very nice and expensive restaurant to meet him, he will surely not mind it. However, if the man you are talking with wants a cheaper venue, then he’s probably not the sugar daddy who can support your needs.

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Sugar Daddies are not dirty old man. They are wealthy and established individuals who want the company of a gorgeous woman. They are professionals, gentlemen and generous. Do not mistake them for old men who want sex or for those who pretend that they are well off but can’t give you what you need because those types are called “salt daddy.”

?Only successful and wealthy men are sugar daddy. Those who do not have the money don’t deserve to be called one because they’re just not!